Classroom Technologies

About Classroom Technologies

Our classrooms have a variety of technology affordances.

You can search the classroom database using location details, design features, seating capacity, and various tech amenities. We are also happy to supply more details on what is installed in a classroom, or to set up a training session. Please report any classroom tech issue as soon as possible.

Our focus is on helping instructors use technology to provide rich learning experience regardless of logistics.

Classroom tech extends well beyond the hardware available in IU classrooms. Collaboration technologies like video conferencing, web conferencing, and video streaming can help you educate students across the country and collaborate with peers across the globe.

Lecture recordings capture audio, video, computer content, and content from document cameras—and you can distribute the final product to students via the web or Canvas. Design services are also available if you are looking to design or renovate a learning space, design an audio/visual system, or install technology in a new or existing space.