Collaboration Cafe (Cedar Hall 102, Bloomington)

This flexible, technology-rich space suits both formal and informal learning. It features high and low bistro-style tables, booths, and soft sofa seating place, designed to emphasize interaction and student-centered learning. The café also features multiple projection systems and collaborative tables that make information-gathering and sharing a central part of the process.

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General Specifications

  • Campus: Bloomington
  • Building: Cedar Hall
  • Room Design: Mosaic Technology-Enhanced Classroom
  • Student Seating: High and low bistro-style tables, booths, rolling seating, and 2 technology-enhanced tables
  • Whiteboards: Front (6-feet wide) and side (6-feet wide)
  • Seating Capacity: 49
  • Lights: Banked
  • Windows: Windows with shades

Technical Specifications

  • Lectern: Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Lectern: Blu-ray player (also plays DVDs and CDs)
  • Lectern: Document camera
  • Lectern: HDMI laptop connections
  • Lectern: Solstice wireless presentation
  • Lectern: Touch-sensitive control panel to adjust audio and route video sources to the projection screen
  • Lectern: Wired network jack
  • Lectern: Wireless lavalier microphone
  • Lectern: Webcam
  • Lectern: Lecture capture
  • Each Student Table: Windows computer
  • Each Student Table: HDMI and VGA laptop connections
  • Room: Data projection screen
  • Room: Wireless network access