TCC Consultant Stories

Former and current TCC consultants

Andrew G. Myers

IT Auditor, Indiana University - Internal Audit

My TCC consultant and supervisor position gave me the technical capabilities and background needed to interact with staff and faculty on a wide range of topics. This gave me the ability to quickly find resolutions to their problem, which only continued to help me in further work roles. Additionally, and probably most importantly, any role within TCC gives you the skills to professionally interact with people of all different backgrounds and positions in the university. The people interaction component is probably the most applicable skill that I use to this day in my current Audit position.

Ross Wilkerson

Classroom & Conferencing Support Lead

TCC gave me not only my first position in the IT world, but my first opportunities for advancement and growth as well. I would not be at the University today without the experience and networking I gained at TCC. 

Trevor Miller

Informatics student

I like the welcoming and friendly staff environment as well as helping out customers with their technology and printing issues. I always feel good knowing I helped someone out as no one likes to be confused or frustrated. After graduating I want to get hired on a good tech company and continue to help people with their technology issues in some manner.

Max Xue

IT general specialist, IBM Beijing

Working with TCC helped me to get more job interviews because having that IT professional service experience on my resume really makes me stand out from other applicants. The TCC technology trainings, our WOW customer services, mentor meetings, and 15 minute walk-arounds policies were really helpful. We had a community with the ultimate goal of helping customers and offering professional services. Most importantly, we got things done and really figured out ways to solve problems. 

Amy Kinser

Director of Computer Skills, Deloitte Distinguished Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business, Editor and Author

TCC helped me learn how to troubleshoot technology problems on a level that no college course could ever teach you! It also afforded me management experience at a really young age. That experience helped me advance in my teaching career where I am now a director that manages 20+ faculty members. 

Kevin Dorsey Fu

Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Business double major, minoring in History

I like working at TCC because I am able to interact with everyone on campus. I hope to work in the aerospace industry in the future.

Tim Goth

Incident Response Manager, University Information Policy Office, Indiana University

Student Technology Consulting introduced me to the diverse world of IT at IU and provided a gateway into the 1IUIT culture of providing amazing support that builds relationships to further the mission of Indiana University. 

Alice Wei

Librarian I (Technology), Houston Public Library

Some of the job responsibilities I have include answering technology related email and chat reference questions, and writing new technology course content to be used to train staff and public. Some of the takeaways from being a TCC consultant were learning how to troubleshoot and use easy-to-understand technical terms with customers with a wide variety of language and technical skills. The variety of technology training that I received as a consultant was extremely helpful to me in broadening my analytical skills as well as learning new technology quickly to resolve issues helping customers. One of the most interesting memories I have as a former TCC Consultant was working at the Information Commons. One day, we had a few plotter jobs waiting. Three of the four ink cartridges also needed changing and we refilled three B&W printers three times each within an 8am-noon shift.  If you had never released a plotter job before, watch the facial expression of delight of the creator closely!

James Eric Kinser

Senior Lecturer at the IU Kelley School of Business

As a lab consultant I learned a lot about customer service and staying calm and collected under pressure. What sticks with me most is the learning environment of the group. We were always encouraged to learn new skills or technologies. In higher education, the landscape is changing faster than our IT departments can keep up. The mindset of being unafraid to learn has helped me be successful at Kelley, whether in a classroom situation or in adapting to teaching online. I made a lot of great friends while working as a consultant. While there I was given the only real nickname I’ve ever had—Chuck—because someone thought I looked like Charlie Brown. I still don’t see the resemblance.

Morgan Morrow

Informatics major with a public health cognate

I love working at TCC because I get to help my peers learn more about technology and how it can be used to do amazing things in our lifetime -- like how 3D printers can replicate human organs! My future career goals are to work for a healthcare company, such as a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or a medical device company, where I can combine my love for technology with my love for helping others.

Nicholas Monroe

Computer Engineering major

I like the opportunity to grow my technical skills through the different challenges I face every day. I want to use my degree to become a Systems Engineer.

Jona Mathioudakis

Informatics major

I like working at TCC because of the customer service aspect and being able to work with people from multiple walks of life. When I help resolve a technology issue they have, it is always such a great feeling watching the customer’s stress leave. I hope to work in the Cybersecurity or medical fields.

Coty Hall

Computer and Information Technology major

I work for UITS at IUPUI. My favorite thing about working with TCC is being able to help people with everyday problems that they have with computers and printers. I also like the fact that we get to walk around and stay alert. My future goals include working for the state or federal government in the IT field. 

Chris Robb

Senior Network Manager GlobalNOC Research Team

The consulting job taught me how to interact with non-technical users. Since the IT community is multi-disciplinary, you can’t assume that someone technical is technical in your area of expertise, so you often must put yourself in their shoes when explaining a complex issue. Being able to look at situations from their perspective has allowed me to successfully interact with a diverse set of co-workers and users. One night in the Student Building, an older guy waltzed into the Unix cluster and started messing with the machines. It was late and we sometimes had non-students try and use the equipment and this guy was moving things around and looking behind the monitors. Suspicious, I sidled my way into the room to check it out. I approached him, ready to explain that he needed to leave. He looked at me, deadpan, “I’m Jeff Gronek”. He was the sysadmin for the entire cluster and I was ready to kick him out!

Manavi Sharma

Public Financial Management major

I love working with the people and the different teams. I joined the Data Analytics team and love having the options to learn more to increase the productivity of UITS. Also, everyone is so nice and willing to help me grow and succeed in my role as a TCC consultant.  My future career goal is to work in the banking industry.

Connor Burkhart

Informatics major with minors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

I like working at TCC because I help make students' lives easier when they learn about the great solutions IU offers.  My future career goal is to work for a technology consulting firm in Chicago and then start my own business in five to ten years.